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  • Pacaya Volcano Tour
    Declared by National Geographic as one of the best trails in the world

    The Pacaya volcano is one of five active volcanoes in Guatemala. It is located one hour and fifteen minutes far from Antigua Guatemala.
    To hike the volcano can be done in two ways, one option is walking.

    Second option riding a horse. To climb it takes two hours and thirty minutes In the ascent we find viewpoints: the Laguna de Calderas, Volcanoes Agua, Fuego and Acatenango, Guatemala City, also observe the flora and fauna.
    What do you need to hike: Comfortable shoes, water, rain jacket Tour start from Antigua Guatemala departure and return to the same place, it takes about 6 hours.

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    Acatenango Volcano
    Two choices One day or overnight tour

    One day tour

    Every day at 05:00 from Antigua to La Soledad to start hiking, to walk from the beginnings to the crater, takes around five hours, on the way up, there are great landscapes, special fauna & flora, on top there is a wonderful scenery about volcanoes chain, mountains, Atitlan lake, and great panoramic about our topography.

    Overnight tour
    Every day at 08:00 from Antigua to la Soledad to start hiking to arrive to the crater around 16:00 hours to camping area, time to admire de sunset and the surroundings, also to have a look the explosions of fire volcano. SECOND DAY At 04:00 hiking the second peak, to appreciate the sunrise which is spectacular scenery, with combination of natural elements, volcanic chain scenery

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