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Guatemala City Tour

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Guatemala City has an abundance of interesting places to visit, in a half-day tour we can take a panoramic tour through a relief map that shows the topography of the Country, made to a perfect scale,

the Plaza Mayor, Cathedral, National Palace, Historic Center, Civic Center, Avenida la Reforma, Avenida las Américas and Residential Zone.



It is an archaeological site located one hour and fifteen minutes from Antigua, this place was the capital of the Cakchiquel Mayan manor; Later, in 1,524, the first capital of Guatemala was founded here.

Today we can see some small pyramids, a Mayan ball court, plazas, a ceremonial center and a museum with pieces found in excavations. During the tour you can see vegetable plantations and the Mayan inhabitants of the region



The medlar is a fruit of Japanese origin, in the visit to San Jun del Obispo we can discover this fruit from which medlar jelly is prepared, medlar wine, also in family businesses they make wines of different fruits.

We will visit the first archiepiscopal palace, the houses of artisans who produce clay pottery, cabinetmakers, wrought iron and typical sweets; in a community located on the slopes of the Agua volcano.



It is an activity to learn how to prepare local food such as: pepián, it is a ceremonial dish, in a Mayan community the preparation of the dish is carried out, showing all the species that compose it, the procedures to prepare it correctly and give it the seasoning it does.

that the pepián has an exquisite flavor. In addition, with this activity we help improve the economy of families in the communities.



Guatemala produces one of the best coffees in the world, the producing farms use the height and shade coffee system, we invite you to know all the procedures to prepare a cup of coffee from seed selection, wet processing and dry processing.

In addition, Macadamia is a nut discovered in 1848, this nut has medicinal benefits, macadamia trees are the best purifiers from carbon dioxide to oxygen; Macadamia oil removes wrinkles, blemishes, stretch marks, and scars.

In both farms we do a moderate walk to know and enjoy its interior.



The macadamia farm is an impressive experience because it is an experimental organic farm where we can know everything related to trees, which can live up to 600 years, we can discover how the tree transforms from carbon dioxide to oxygen, the machinery of gravity for the selection of nuts.

We carry out activities such as: a nut tasting, a facial with macadamia oil; to learn how to undo wrinkles and stretch marks. Also how doctors use it to treat psoriasis, you can taste gluten-free macadamia and rest in the hammocks inside the plantation.



Guatemala produces one of the best coffees in the world, as it is a shady and high-altitude plantation, in a moderate walk we can learn about all the processes related to how coffee is grown and processed.

From selecting the seed to preparing a cup of coffee; The walk inside the farm shows us the processes of shade trees and the processes of both wet and dry benefit to obtain a delicious cup of coffee.

We will discover that to prepare a cup of coffee it is necessary to work 365 days a year.



 Pastores, a community where there are approximately 75 workshops that manufacture boots, belts, vests, shoes, wallets, saddles and other pure leather products, it is something unforgettable and impressive to be able to observe the processes that are needed to produce a product of leather.

Starting with the selection of leather, cutting it, sewing it and soleing it to make a pair of boots or shoes. Here you can buy the product you want at factory price, if you want to enjoy a delicious lunch you can also do it.



Guatemala is the country number twelve in diversity of birds in the world, with an approximate inventory of 750 birds. They are classified between migratory, resident, and endemic birds.

 Some of them are Pink Headed Warbler, Horned One, Bushy Crested Jay and other endemics. The tours can be half a day, a full day and even multi-day, there are ecological hotels in the farms to spend the night, it has food and local guides for bird watching. Within the seven biomes and thirteen ecosystems in Guatemala this amazing activity takes place.



The topography of Guatemala allows you to have beautiful views of special places from where you can see: volcanoes, mountains, communities, valleys and also the best Hass avocado plantations; this being a highly coveted species for its flavor

In this tour you will visit a small farm where you can have contact with the trees and spectacular views, a worthy place to enjoy a breakfast appreciating the landscape that this place offers.



A city where time stood still and that since 1979 is La Antigua Guatemala Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Walking through its cobbled streets we will observe balconies, didactic architecture where there is a didactic baroque of facades with Mayan decorations, in which the creation of the Mayan world is deciphered in the stucco; palaces witnesses to the history of this City and an imposing iconographic arch in architecture.

The Cathedral, the Palace of the Town Hall, the Palace of the Captains; the Society of Jesus, today Spanish Cooperation; sample of an excellent restoration of architecture, the old House of the Lions, the Arch of Santa Catarina, the Merced Church, the Capuchinas Convent and the jade museum; which shows how the arts began in Mesoamerica and shows the workshop where jade carvers work.


A city where time stood still and which since 1979 has been a World Heritage Site, La Antigua Guatemala

We will walk through its cobbled streets, observing balconies, enjoying its architecture, and observing the damage caused by earthquakes; Monastery walls that preserve wall paintings, neoclassical constructions made of petrified lava, the church where Saint Hermano Pedro is venerated and the restored convents converted into hotels and restaurants.

The Santo Domingo Monastery, today the Santo Domingo House Museum Hotel, the Concepción façade, the San Francisco Church and Monastery Sanctuary, the Bethlehem loop, the School of Christ, the public laundry in the Union Tank and the museum stop.



The surroundings of Antigua have communities rich in history, crafts, architecture, textiles, and fruit fermentation ventures; today local wines

This tour takes us to visit San Juan del Obispo, San Pedro las Huertas, Ciudad Vieja, and San Antonio Aguas Calientes where women are the best weavers in the country, an unforgettable journey.



In the museums of Antigua, the history of different times and varied themes is kept. In addition, there are original pieces made by excellent masters of art.

This tour takes us through the Museum of Colonial Art, where the headquarters of the University of San Carlos de Guatemala, the Museum of Weapons, the Museum of Santo Hermano Pedro, the Museums of Santo Domingo and the Jade Museum were.


In the city of Antigua Guatemala, you can take extraordinary photographs of landscapes, architecture, doors, facades, churches, convents, people, fruits, vegetables and views from the viewpoints or second level of some buildings.

During this tour we will visit the most colorful places that the city offers, where with a little creativity we will capture incredible photographs.