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Guatemala City has an abundance of interesting places to visit in a half-day tour, we can take a panoramic tour of the relief map that shows the topography of the Country, made to a perfect scale, the main square, the cathedral, the national palace.

The historic center, the civic center, avenida la reforma, avenida las Américas and the residential area. You take time to have lunch and after lunch you continue the tour visiting the museum of archeology and ethnology, Ixel museum of indigenous clothing; Or, visit the aurora zoo, one of the most complete in terms of number of species, then return to the hotel.



According to National Geographic Lake Atitlán is the most beautiful in the world, it is surrounded by three volcanoes, 12 Mayan communities, a waterfall, and mountains that are viewpoints.

A tour of the Artisan community and another Viva culture community is carried out, taking a boat to cross the lake and be able to make the visit, in addition there is a bit of hacking to visit a viewpoint that shows us that the lake is a volcanic caldera.

Note: This tour can start from Antigua, Guatemala City or from a hotel in Lake Atitlán.



It is a very important site on the trade route and also very special in Mayan spirituality, you can visit on market days Thursday and Sunday that is known as the largest open-air site in Central America and is one of the most photographed in the world.

The Mayan rituals that are performed within the Catholic church stand out, it has the largest multicolored cemetery in Guatemala, the textile market is very special, the wooden mask factories are unique, the local dances on holidays are very elegant and showy; the Flying Stick on fair days. You can also visit another day that is not market day.

Note: This tour can start from Antigua, Guatemala City or from Lake Atitlán, or from a hotel in Chichicastenango.



It is a place where you can see animals from different parts of the world, each of them separated into large areas with natural barriers, reptiles are in small cavities, birds in large cages and spider monkeys on a small island.

The beginning of the tour is done by vehicle passing through where the mammals are walking in the open air being able to take excellent photographs, then you get out of the vehicle to walk, through the area of ​​birds and through the area of ​​other mammals, you take a boat and There is a tour of the small island where the spider monkeys are, later you can have lunch at the restaurant of the site and then you can swim in the pool of the place, after this you return to the starting point, which may be Guatemala City or Antigua.


Two hours from Antigua are the beaches of Monterrico, these are black sand because they are of volcanic origin. On the road to get to this site you can see the four volcanoes, plantations of sugar cane, mango, jocote cashew and pashte, with beautiful landscapes

you can enjoy the beach and swim in the waves of the sea which is a unique experience, if it is the turtle release season you can participate in this activity, in the place there are high quality hotels and restaurants, where you can taste exquisite food as well as special drinks.



An unforgettable tour, what the Mayan civilization inherited us, Tikal is Cultural and Natural Heritage of Humanity, located within the tenth largest jungle in the world, there are the pyramids of up to 70 meters high, the astronomical centers, the plaza mayor and other types of constructions;

You can enjoy flora, fauna, Mayan architecture, epigraphy on the stelae that have hieroglyphic writing which can be deciphered by 70 percent to know what happened in those times, you walk along the original roads, it is possible to climb the pyramids to admire all the landscape that surrounds the area, admire the monkeys, birds and learn the history of each pyramid.

This is a tour that will remain in your memory for a lifetime. It is done by plane every day, the flight leaves the Capital City at 06:00 hours and returns the same day at 20:00 hours

Note: it is possible to do a tour of two days and one night.



A city where time stood still and that since 1979 is a Cultural Heritage of Humanity, called La Antigua Guatemala, walking through its cobbled streets, observing its balconies, enjoying its didactic architecture where we can find a didactic baroque with facades with Mayan decorations being able to deciphering the creation of the Mayan world in its stucco, palaces that are witnesses to the history of this City and an imposing iconographic arch in architecture.

The Cathedral, the City Hall, the Palace of the Captains, the Society of Jesus today Spanish cooperation sample of an excellent restoration of the architecture, the old house the lions, the Santa Catarina arch, the church La Merced, the convent of the nasturtiums and the jade museum that shows how the arts began in Mesoamerica, the workshop where jade carvers work is appreciated.

Lunch and then continue, observing the damage caused by earthquakes, monastery walls that preserve wall paintings, neoclassical constructions made of petrified lava, the church where Saint Brother Peter is venerated and the restored convents converted into hotels and restaurants. The Monastery of Santo Domingo, today the Santo Domingo house museum hotel, the Concepción façade, the sanctuary, church and monastery of San Francisco, the Plaza de Belén, the school of Christ and the public laundry of the union tank

We will discover that to prepare a cup of coffee it is necessary to work 365 days a year.


Pacaya volcano is one of the five active volcanoes in Guatemala, according to National Geographic, it is one of the very interesting trails to go hiking and enjoy the views, birds, landscapes, take excellent photos and appreciate how the rivers of lava flows down the slopes of the volcano, there are 4 ways to enjoy this special volcano,

  1. It can be climbed on foot in 2 hours, degree of difficulty from one to 10 has 4 of difficulty, suitable for all types of people.
  2. You can go up riding a horse, ascent time 1 hour and a half, horses trained for this activity.
  3. You can ascend in a 4×4 vehicle for those who do not want to walk a lot or who have an impediment to walk a lot.
  4. It is a beautiful camping experience to observe the explosions of the Fuego and Pacaya volcanoes, also the sunrise is spectacular, projecting a wonderful landscape.

For all tour options, transportation, professional guide, entrance fees and food are provided.




This is the third highest in Guatemala, with a height of 1975 meters above sea level, it takes 5 hours to climb, it is degree 7 of difficulty of degree 10, its ascent in a day round trip takes 8 hours, in its Ascent you can see the flora and fauna, endemic and resident birds, from its crater you can see different volcanoes, such as: Pacaya, Agua, Fuego, Atitlan, San Pedro and others a little further away. It is an unforgettable and extraordinary tour. It is done in three ways.

  1. Tour of the day, Walking on foot for 8 hours round trip
  2. Camping tour of one night two days, this option is relaxed because you go up the first day to watch the sunset and during the night you see the explosions of the fire volcano and as the lava goes down, day two at 4 am, you ascend to the second peak to appreciate the sunrise, and the volcanoes mentioned in the day’s tour, it is something that is never forgotten in life for such a wonderful experience, it is appreciated what God does not give a perfect creation.
  3. It is possible to ascend one part on horseback and another on foot
  4. There is the option of doing one part in a 4×4 vehicle and the other on foot

Note: transportation to get to the visitor center, all camping gear, food and professional guide is provided for any of the options, plus if you don’t want to carry your gear, gear loaders can be provided.



This volcano is inactive, it is located on the south side of Lake Atitlán, it has a height of 3020 meters above sea level, it has a wonderful view of Lake Atitlán and the Toliman and Atitlan volcanoes, as well as the communities that surround the Lake Atitlán.

This volcano only has one tour option.

If they are staying at Lake Panajachel or any other town around the lake, take a boat to get to San Pedro and then the journey begins. The tour takes between 5 and 6 hours round trip, the degree of difficulty is 6 out of 10. On its ascent you can see the crops of coffee, corn, beans and some vegetables.

Note: we provide land and water transportation, professional guide, as well as food to carry out this tour